Now Offering On Demand Professional Desktop Tech Support:

Have you ever wanted to fix an annoying problem but did not know where to begin? Perhaps your web browser is acting up or worse, you have become infected with some form of malware. Unless you have a maintenance contract with you local ISP or DSL provider that allows them to perform such assistance, you will need to purchase an annual contract for support of this nature or pay a high fee for the incidence with your PC vendor. Why not give JennTel a call. The call is FREE, and so is the solution if your problem is not resolved to your satisfaction. Payments are by credit card or PayPal and start at $25.00 per hour. The Consultation is free if you decide to look for other options.

We also offer Modern Website Design that is mobile compliant as well as iPhone, Android and HTML5 Smartphone application development. Our hosting solutions are tailored for small businesses and individuals. Established in 1998 our customers include engineering, auto dealers, medical practices, real estate, churches, international non-profit associations, contractors and business start ups.

  • Compelling and Affordable
  • SEO optimization and social networking integration
  • Video platforms for multi-channel presentations and marketing
  • Custom mobile applications for auto dealers example
  • Online Patient Form Management for small medical practices, example.
  • Secure and clean email performance and management
  • Realtor IDX integration: example
  • Remote Desktop Website and email Tech Support and tutoring

  • Other Optional Services Include:

  • MaxFocus email archiving, client system monitoring and management, patch updates
  • Strategic partnering for affordable, value-added Internet specialization services
  • Est. May 1998

  • JennTel Communications, LLC.
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